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Brandon Burris - Farmers Insurance
Brandon Burris with Farmer’s Insurance is our Fusion Business Spotlight today. Below is some information about him and his company so you can get to know him better. Brandon is a regular attendee of the Fusion Mixers, so be sure to come out and say hi to him during the next event.

Brandon Burris
Company Name: Farmers Insurance

What does your company offer to it’s customers?
We not only offer a fine line of insurance products from Auto, Home, Life and Business insurance.  I offer peace of mind by educating my clients on the proper way to insure themselves without leaving GAPS in their coverage.

Farmers InsuranceHow long have you been in business and why did you choose the business you are in?
I have had my agency doors open for about 10 months now.  I came from the auto industry in a time where it was on a downward swing.  I started looking for an opportunity where I can grow and in turn give back to the community. I found Farmers insurance, a great company that cares and makes sure it’s clients are taken care of professionaly in all aspects of their relationship.

Business Contact Info
Cell Phone: (623) 341-7874
Office Phone: (623)412-8050
E-mail Address:
Web Address:

You may also find me on the most popular social media sites.

What advice would you give other business people to help them out?
DON’T GIVE UP!!  When things get tough you need to get toughter.  By pushing through those troubled times and succeeding it will make you stronger professionally and as an individual.  Don’t stop at the first NO.  Push past that and you will find success!

Personal Stuff

What do you like to do when you are not working?
I have a 3 year old daughter Amy that, with my busy schedule I do not get to see enough.  So when I can I love to take her places.  I haven’t done much of this lately but I also love to golf.

Favorite Book: I’m not sure if its my favorite but I like it a lot “Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Favorite Movie: Boondock Saints–  Just watch it!

Hobbies: Golf, Aquariums, Cooking

Favorite Local Restaurant: Pappadeux’s

Favorite Motivational Quote: “Go for NO”

Parting Words:
I appreciate the opportunity to be one of the spotlight businesses.  Please keep me and my agency in mind for your insurance needs.  Too many times have I seen instances where people are underinsured and end up paying dearly for it in the end.

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